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Multi-Factor Authentication for Admins

FilesAnywhere has just released our latest security enhancement, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for Administrator Logins. (For Professional/Enterprise Accounts)

How to configure

Fax Log Report

FilesAnywhere has added a report that tracks all of your incoming and outbound faxes and it shows the status of the fax data in real-time.

How to run your fax report

Authenticator App

Use FilesAnywhere MFA with Microsoft or Google Authenticator App for easy, secure sign-ins for all your FilesAnywhere accounts using multi-factor authentication, passwordless, or password autofill.

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OTP Email/SMS with FileShare Links

Making FileShare links more secure, now users can enable One-Time Password Email/SMS for authentications prior to accessing a FileShare link.

Using OTP

Custom Watermark with FileShare Links

Watermarking can help deter unauthorized re-sharing of sensitive information in your FilesAnywhere account. When a user selects custom watermarking for a FileShare Link, on a selected area of a document FilesAnywhere provides an option to place a semi-transparent overlay of custom Text and the current viewer's email address, IP address, TimeStamp, FileShare ID.

Using Custom Watermarks

Payment Field with eForms

Collect payments through your form with the Payment field. The secure payments will be processed through third-party merchants.

How to add Payment Field to your Form

ZenKey Authentication

ZenKey enables users to securely login to FilesAnywhere through simple, multifactor authentication powered by the leading U.S. wireless carriers.

How to Enable ZenKey