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Azure Solutions

Hybrid Cloud #1 – Specific Servers and FAW software running in our Azure Instance, geographically dispersed locations (based on customer’s needs)

Hybrid Cloud #2 – Specific Servers and FAW software running on Customers own Private Cloud, geographically dispersed locations (based on customer’s needs) and segmented away from customers own internal servers.

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Groupshare Expiration

Introducing Groupshare Expiration, we've made GroupShares more flexible by adding the ability to manage shares with automated expiration by number of days or custom times. Ideal for projects deadlines, and collaboration.

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Electronic Signature

The electronic signature is an electronic representation of your signature for all purposes, including legally binding contracts - just the same as a pen-and-paper signature. We are now providing an enhanced way to either Type, Draw or Upload a signature image (available to registered users) and configure your electronic signature.

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Our latest user interface, known as Lite, brings a new intuitive interface that can be used on any device. With Lite, using FilesAnywhere at home or on the go has never been easier.

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Multi-Factor Authentication

FilesAnywhere has just released our latest security enhancement, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). This new security feature adds an additional layer of security to your data by requiring a Verification Code. This code is entered after you've logged in with your username and password to further verify your identity before granting access to your account. With our customizable multi-tiered module, your organization’s administrator can easily enable MFA for all users, selected groups or individual users to require an additional form of authentication, using your choice of delivery method, such as SMS Text, Email or Phone Call.

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SharePoint Integration

FilesAnywhere now offers SharePoint integration!  You can now use FilesAnywhere's features from within SharePoint. All you need to do, is embed your FilesAnywhere account within your SharePoint account.

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